...and would recommend him to all who need misbaha repairs...

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We had two misbahas that needed restringing, altering, along with new beads beads and finials. One misbaha was made from Egyptian tree resin, the other from Tibetan clay. In both cases, sidi Abdal-Khaliq did an excellent job in reconfiguring our misbahas. We are very happy. He consulted with us at every stage of the process, made sure we were happy with his design, showed us different strings (and ways of restringing) and their tautness, and completed the finished project according to our exacting specifications. It was especially reassuring to witness his expertise: he gently pointed out weaknesses in our design, and modified our 'alifs' to ensure the string would not fray in future.

It's impossible to put a price on the human touch and craftsmanship that sidi Abdal-Khaliq brings to the marketplace. This is craft at the highest level carried out by a devotee who values his work and his client; it is the polar opposite to anonymous work carried out in a soulless factory or by overseas labour (and his restringing work bears very favourable comparison with the very best Turkish masters). We will continue to use sidi Abdal-Khaliq's services and would recommend him to all who need misbaha repairs---especially to those who have an otherwise perfect misbaha made imperfect by the tightness or looseness of the stringing. Sidi Abdal-Khaliq will fix it up for you.

AW & IW.

...alhamduliLlah I can finally use my misbahas again.

MQ's Misbahas
I had two damaged but very special misbahas that were stored away until an opportunity would come to repair them. AlhamduliLlah as soon as I heard about Fine Crafts misbaha repair service I quickly sent my misbahas to Abdul-Khaliq for repair, and received both of them back in little over a week masha'Allah.

The new pieces, made from snakewood (for a kuk replacement) and lignum vitae, are well-made and look great, and alhamduliLlah I can finally use my misbahas again. I would definitely recommend others to Fine Crafts especially because of Abdul-Khaliq's very helpful, courteous, and prompt customer service as well as craftsmanship.


...a beautifully handmade, compact, sturdy and discreet logbook.

SM's - Debt to the Divine (Red & Green)
As soon as I heard about the make-up prayer logbook, I knew it was just what I needed to keep a proper record of my qada.  Sidi Abdul Khaliq communicated with me throughout the design process, and I am very pleased with the result: a beautifully handmade, compact, sturdy and discreet logbook that is easy to carry around. No more messy scribbles on scraps of paper and makeshift records in notebooks for me!


...very pleased with the results.

TA's Turkish Misbaha
I have been intending to get my eleven-year old, Turkish misbaha restrung for several years now. However, I was never able to find a way to do so that did not involve sending it away for long periods and overseas. Thus, I was very pleased to learn about Abdul-Khaliq's new services for misbaha repairs here in the UK. Abdul-Khaliq's training and eye for detail ensured that it was not only restrung, but done beautifully and with excellence. He sourced compatible lignum vitae for a new finial, as well as quality string that was both sturdy and subtle. And, just as importantly, my misbaha and I were parted for less than a week. I am very grateful to Abdul-Khaliq for his work, and very pleased with the results.

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