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Welcome to the Traditional Crafts Workshop
The Traditional Crafts Workshop aims to restore our natural inclination of recognising and appreciating beauty. Hand-crafted objects capture a certain elegance. An elegance that's instantly recognisable. Crafted with skills handed down through the centuries-old tradition of master and apprentice.

In keeping with the tradition of these crafts, we are currently offering a misbaha (islamic prayer beads) repair service and a bookbinding service focusing on one particular product. Commissions for binding new or damaged books are also taken. Please
contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

As demand grows, we intend to offer additional fine-craft related services.
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Misbaha Services
Are your treasured misbahas tired and showing signs of wear?

We can:

- Re-string - Reducing the risk of string breakage
- Tension string to your preference
- Repair and replace broken or damaged parts
- Beads, Alifs, Imams and Finials
- Obtain any identifiable material (if available)
- Convert to "Turkish-style" or any style of your choice
- Polish

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Binding Services
Make-up prayer Log-books are now available to order.

From a choice of colours, cover designs and coverings.

- Cloth-bound - Various colours available
- Hand-stitched pages
- Hardback (10cm x 15cm)
- Decorative endbands
- Bookmark
- Decorative design on front cover
- Covers 8 years (3 months to-view per page)

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